Thursday, November 22, 2012

No Penney's Snowglobes This Year?

Rumor has it that JC Penney will not have their Disney snowglobes to give away this year. I haven't seen any advertisements in the papers yet to say that they will have it.

If this is true, that this will break our annual tradition that we had done for the past many years. In fact, there is now no longer any reason to shop at Penney's on Black Friday. Not sure if they even realize this, but the few cents they spent making one of these globes got us into the store and spent quite a lot of money buying stuff.

We will know for sure by tomorrow morning. Maybe I'll write to them and let them know what a mistake it was for them to no longer do the snowglobes.



ZapperZ said...

It is official. No JC Penney Disney snowglobes this year.

It looks like we now have no more reason to shop there, especially on Black Fridays. We also don't have to wake this early anymore to do our shopping.


cyndi said...

We also have a collection of snow globes going and were very disappointed they didn't have them last year. We have heard they WILL have them again this year...yay! However, we did hear a rumor that they may have had 2012 globes after the fact?