Saturday, December 30, 2006

Celebration The Season Castle Show

Pictures and video of the Celebration The Season Castle Show. I've never had the chance to see this before, so this is certainly something new to me.


Friday, December 29, 2006

Red Hot Chili Peppers To Spice Up Disney Rides

For a limited time, two rides at the Disneyland Resorts will be accompanied by musical soundtracks by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Very much like the Aerosmith tune accompanying Rock 'N Rollercoaster at Disney/MGM Studios, the tunes will be played during the ride on Space Mountain at Disneyland, and California Screaming at Disney's California Adventure. These are part of the Year of a Million Dreams celebration, and so they aren't permanent additions to the rides (at least that's what they claim).


A Jab At Eisner?

One may just be reading too much into this, but it is still fun to speculate. Thanks to bhb007 at Laughing Place who brought my attention to this picture trip report from Hong Kong Disneyland. Somewhere about halfway down the list of pictures is what some people thought was a small jab towards Michael Eisner. If you split the windows separately and not read the words across both of them as they were intended, you'll get the idea.


Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pictures From The Deluxe Resorts

Laughing Place has a collection of wonderful pictures of Christmas decorations from WDW's Deluxe Resorts. Check them out if you haven't been to all of them during the holiday season.


Disney's Worldwide Boxoffice Tops $3 Billion

Disney's worldwide movie box office take tops $3 billion. Not a bad chuck of change here. This, of course, was led by Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest, which became only the 3rd movie in history to top the $1 billion mark worldwide.

Not bad for the movie division was was bleeding money a year ago.


Record Crowds Continues at WDW Parks

For the 2nd straight day, WDW parks continue to pull in record crowds, forcing The Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom to be shut down for a period of time. Just like yesterday, the parking lot at Disney/MGM Studios were filled up.

If this continues, they might just top the record attendance they had last year. I can't imagine how crowded it will be on New Year's Eve. This is not the best time to go to WDW if you're making your very first trip, because you will spend most of your time standing in line for rides, food, merchandise, etc...


You Need A Tripod at WDW

Needless to say, if you have a camera and wish to take low light/night shots, or a camcorder and wish to take a video of a parade or fireworks, you need a tripod. But who wants to lug around a bulky item all over WDW?

When I decided to buy a tripod, I had all of those concerns and more. I wanted something small enough that can fit into my backpack, and it cannot be too heavy that it will weigh me down (preferably around 2 lbs or less). I also had extra requirements. I want something that will expand high enough so that I don't have to crouch down to look at the display while I'm recording a video or taking a shot (I'm 5' 10" tall). It must also be sturdy enough to hold up at least 5 lbs, which is roughly the weight of my camcorder.

So I had quite a list of criteria for a tripod that I would carry with me on my Disney trips. And I found one.

I would highly recommend Velbon Ultra Maxi. There are many different models in the ultra Maxi series, but this was, I think, the original one (and I'm not sure if it is still in production since I can't find it listed on Velbon's website - the other ultra maxi models are listed). I have had this tripod for a couple of years, and it fits everything that I need in a tripod. Most people could not believe that something barely a 13 inches long can actually expand up to 61 inches. And as a bonus, it comes with pan and tilt head with a quick release, something that is very useful that you don't have to buy extra.

I don't work or have any connection with Velbon, and this is an unsolicited recommendation.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Packed Disney World

Wow! Be glad that you're not at WDW today. It seems that this is the first time that they had to close the parking lot of 3 different theme parks in a day. From all reports, all the 4 parks were packed today.


Walt Disney Family Museum

The Disney Family has announced the Walt Disney museum at the Presidio in San Francisco. Walt's daughter, Diane Disney Miller, answers some questions regarding the museum.

I would say that it is about time there is a Museum on Walt and his family. However, I'm a bit puzzled with the location. There's nothing wrong with the Presidio, but shouldn't it somewhere close to where Walt actually made an impact? I can understand having it near the Walt Disney Studios, or even in Anaheim, but San Francisco? One can even understand having it in Chicago (where Walt was born) or even in Marceline, where he grew up.

So this is a puzzling choice of location.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Walt Disney Rises

A look at the financial health of the Walt Disney Company in 2006. Needless to say, it has been a very rosy year. One would hope that the company is smart enough to put in some "reserves" during the good times in anticipation of any possible bad times down the road. But so far, things are certainly firing on all cylinders for the company.

And as been mentioned before, one can only hope they share the wealth with the Cast Members who, for all practical purposes, ARE the ones responsible for the Magic at the parks.


Disney Keeps Osborne Lights Burning Bright

This is an interview with John Phelan, the director of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney/MGM Studios. If you haven't seen this amazing light display (especially the one this year with the addition of the dancing lights), I seriously recommend making plans to see it. It is truly spectacular!


Monday, December 25, 2006

Jump In Early

The Disney Channel is using similar strategies to promote the upcoming original TV movie Jump In. They are giving potential viewers (read "Tweens") download the music from the movie early. The same strategy that got viewers hooked onto the music and then the movie for their preview hits is being used here again.

So if history is any indication, this could be another monster hit for the Disney Channel.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

To everyone who celebrates the holidays, may you have a Magical Christmas!


Disney Dreams for Early 2007

All the things to look forward to at WDW in early 2007 as part of their Year of a Million Dreams celebration. I'm dying to hear the news of the first family to get to spend the night in Cinderella's castle. That would be a hoot!


Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Disney Stores Turnaround

The Disney Stores are turning into a profit-making center, and Disney is beginning to reap the benefits from them even when they no longer own them.

For most of us who do not get to go to the Disney theme parks that often, the Disney Stores and the Disney Online shopping are the few places we get to "relive" the Disney experience. While I don't buy a lot of stuff online and at the Disney Stores, I do walk in there whenever I pass one. The one here in Chicago on Michigan Ave. is not bad, and they do run a lot of sales during the holidays. It isn't the parks, but it does feel like Disney whenever I walk in there.


Disney's 2007 Movie Lineup

Here is the 2007 Disney's movie lineup and sneak peak. Pay attention to the 4 big ones, which would be March 30 for Meet The Robinsons, May 25 for Pirates, June 29 for Ratatouille, and later in Fall for the sequel to National Treasures.

So Disney could have at least 4 major box-office hits this coming year.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Walt Disney: Once Upon a Time

Hey, if you're in Canada, you'll get to see this French documentary on Walt Disney. It is scheduled to be shown at 10:00 pm on Christmas Eve on CBC Newsworld.

It sounds like they're tracing the European origin of the early Disney hits, which, in reality, isn't really a news, is it?


Tinker Bell is Delayed

The release on DVD of the Tinker Bell movie will be delayed, as has been rumored already all over the web. Looks like the top executives were not happy with the story line and will delay releasing it, even though this DVD was planned to be the central piece in a whole line of characters, movies, and merchandise on Disney Fairies.

I'd say good for them! The story is everything, and it is only from that can one get memorable characters that become part of Disney history.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas from Walt Disney World

This is the ABC Radio presentation of "Merry Christmas from Walt Disney World - Hosted by Teri Hatcher".


A Disney Family Christmas

This is a rather informative and entertaining article on the Disney Family and Christmas. I found it astounding that the month of December has a huge significance for the Disney family:

Walt was born December 5, 1901. His older brother Herb was born December 8, 1888. His older brother Ray was born December 30, 1890. His younger sister Ruth was born December 6, 1903. Walt's daughter Diane was born December 18, 1933. His other daughter Sharon was born December 31, 1935. Diane's first child, Christopher, was born December 10, 1954.

However, Walt passed away December 15, 1966 and his other older brother, Roy, passed away December 20, 1971.

That's amazing!


Reviews of New Disney DVD's

As reported earlier, a number of significant Disney DVDs were released this week, including Disney Treasures release of the Complete Pluto Vol. 2. This is a very extensive review of the DVDs, as is usually the case when it come from Laughing Place.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Disney Tops Season's Best-Sellers

It seems that in terms of business, the Walt Disney Company can do no wrong. Their product line is also selling like nobody's business, frequently topping the sales charts.

If there is ever any strong proof that the company depends on content to generate a chain reaction of products and attractions down the line, this would be it. I hope they remember this always.


Disney Lamp Has A Meltdown

This could have been a major catastrophe. A little girl's Disney Princess Disco Lamp overheated and started to melt. Luckily, it was unplugged before it could do any damage.

Even for a Disney-branded product, you have to keep an eye out on these things.


Monday, December 18, 2006

A Swedish Disney Holiday

Wow! I didn't realize that Disney is THAT big in Sweden.

This is a personal account of Disney during the holidays in Sweden. The one that made me chuckle was this one:

As important as the meal was, there was a mighty powerful deadline by which I needed to clean my plate. Every year since the late 1960s, the Disney Christmas special has started on Swedish TV by 3 p.m. If you're not watching it, you might as well be Norwegian. The opening of presents has to wait until after Donald Duck.

Now that's dedication for you! :)

The rest of the article is nothing new, describing the performance of the company since Iger took over.


Nick is Still First, But Disney is Closing In

Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel are fighting it out for the children audience. With Nick's audience numbers being flat, while Disney's audience increasing quite a bit, the next couple of years will be very interesting.


Disney Classics on DVD

Plenty of classic Disney to be released on DVD tomorrow (Tuesday, Dec. 19). I will get the Pluto collection, since we already have the first volume.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Main Street, USA

I was scanning throught my Disney picture and came across this that I didn't remember that I had. It is of course a picture down Main Street, USA at the Magic Kingdom. This particular one was taken during the "Trolley Song" performance. It suddenly became one of my most favorite pictures. I hope you like it as much as I do.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Florida Governor-Elect Visits WDW

Florida governor-elect Charlie Crist visits WDW as part of his inaugural tour. I wonder if all Florida governors are "required" to visit WDW as part of their inaugural? After all, we all know where they big money source for Florida comes from, don't we?



WDW Update

Latest pictures from WDW, including signs for the new Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor.


New Western Way Development?

As reported here earlier, the rumor of Disney developing the area by the new Western Way entrance into WDW seems to be getting a bit more concrete. Disney has filed paperwork to clear and excavate a 330-acre area right at the place in question.

It would be interesting if they actually will build the rumored development, and see how it fits into the whole scheme of things.


Friday, December 15, 2006

More on the Unofficial "Santa"

Here is a slightly different version of the story on the man who looked like Santa Clause that got booted off Disney theme park. It appears that the man was also wearing an outfit that "might" make him look even more like the Jolly Old man.

This actually is getting a little bit hilarious. :)


Lessons Learned from High School Musical

The jauggernaut that is the High School Musical has given Disney not only a monster hit on their hands, but also a few lessons to be learned, not only by Disney, but many other media companies. The most important one being that giving things away for free can only stimulate more interest in your product.


A Santa Look-a-like Got Booted off WDW

This is rather unfortunate!

A man that looked like Santa Clause was visiting WDW yesterday (didn't say which park). A group of kids suddenly thought he was Santa and started to gravitate around him. I suppose he played along with that, but that got him into trouble because he isn't one of the "approved" characters. This resulted him being booted off the park!

I guess Disney did not want the guests to think that this person was one of their characters and cannot control or monitor his behavior (heave forbid that this person might start molesting people). Still, its is unfortunate that due to how he looks, and through no fault of himself, he was unable to stay at the park.


Walt Disney Died on This Day.

On December 15, 1966, Walt Disney died in Los Angeles at age 65. However, for most of us Disney Fanatics, he continues to live through his dreams and legacy that he left behind. This is never more apparent during the 50th Anniversary of celebration of Disneyland. The rededication ceremony of the opening of Disneyland was one of the most moving experience of the whole celebration.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Disney is 2006 Top Media Company

SeekingAlpha has selected The Walt Disney Company as the top media company of 2006. Hardly suprising in light of the record profits the company has reported this year. It also seems well-placed for keeping this torrid pace for next year.


Hong Kong Disneyland Adding New Attractions

One of the biggest complaint towards Hong Kong Disneyland is that the park does not have enough attractions. Things may change rather soon as it has been announced that 3 new attractions will be open by the early part of 2008. It includes the popular It's A Small World attraction.

Hopefully, they'll expand further to at least eliminate this part of the problem.


iTunes To Sell HD Disney Movies?

I find this hard to believe, but this is one of the "predictions" for 2007, that Apple will start selling Disney high definition movies on iTunes. I know broadband is fast, but how many hours would it takes to download something like that! And until we have HD-writable format, what do you store that on, your hard drive?


One Lucky Family

This family got three different prizes while at WDW during the Year of a Million Dreams. Not Fair! :(

Still, I'm very happy for them. I definetely know that I would have been awfully happy to get even just one lousy lanyard.


Q&A With Disneyland President

A Q&A with Disneyland President Ed Grier. He's not revealing much about future attractions at Disneyland, but at least it is good to know that he is very approachable. I wish more Disney higher-up listen to the cast members. They are at the front end of the organization as far as dealing with their customers.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Royal Dwelling in Cinderella's Castle

As one of the "prizes" during this Year of a Million Dreams, someone will get selected each day to spend the night in Cinderella's Castle. Disney Insider has a preview of what to expect for the lucky people selected for this sought-after prize.

It sounds really grand, and the treatment is fit for a king or queen.


Pirates DVD Sold 10.5 Million in Week 1

This isn't really a big surprise, but it is still impressive. As expected, the DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest got big numbers. 10.5 million sold during its first week of release, after posting 5 million sold just on the first day alone.

It is on track to be the biggest selling DVD of the year, and possible even the biggest selling DVD of all time.


Illuminations's Peace On Earth Finale

For those of us who can't be at WDW during the holidays, we can only live through all those generous souls who put up videos of various events. This is the Finale to Illuminations called Peace On Earth that is shown after the end of the regular Illuminations at Epcot.

If you want to see the full Illuminations - Reflections of Earth video itself, check out my uploaded video collection.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another Wish Granted

Another well-deserved Make-A-Wish Foundation receipient will spend the holidays at Walt Disney World.

I will try to highlight as many of these as I can. We take our health and our easy, frequent trips to WDW for granted. Yet, there are many, especially kids, who do not have either. To know that with all of their struggles, being at WDW as one of their wishes, certainly puts everything in perspective.


Little Mermaid "You're A Slut!"

I'm sorry, I shouldn't, but I was laughing when I read this. For some odd reason, I found this rather funny.

Thanks to John Frost at The Disney Blog for pointing this out. A mother reported that an Ariel doll has a fouled mouth if you hit her button just .... wrong. It seems that if you hit her talking button too quickly to skip over her various phrases, she'll eventually will tell you "You're a slut!"


If this is true, I want to buy this doll! :) :) :)

Maybe I'll check this out myself if I ever find myself at Target or some place like that over the holidays. I hope no one will look at me funny - an adult playing with an Ariel doll at a toys aisle and trying to make her speak.


Monday, December 11, 2006

A Very Narrow Target Group

Read this advertisement carefully for a popular crocks footwear with tie-ins to Disney, and see if you spot something not quite kosher:

The Disney by CROCS line, which is targeted towards children and adults, will debut with special-edition Mickey Mouse die-cut models. for spring 07. These styles will be available in a broad range of two-toned colour options including Mickey’s signature black and red. Other models include an array of unique designs emphasizing the distinctive personalities of Disney’s characters including Mickey and Friends, Winnie the Pooh and Friends, Disney Princess, Disney Fairies, as well as Pirates of the Caribbean and Disney*Pixar’s Toy Story and Cars. The launch will be international to include Europe, Asia and the USA.

I'm sorry, but it is "... targeted towards children and adults..."? Isn't that like ..... EVERYBODY??!!! :)

Really now!


Shanghai Disney Theme Park May Be In Doubt

It seems that Disney may be shopping around for another location for their next theme park in China. Recent political scandal involving Shanghai head of the communist party may throw a wrench in such a plan.

Why do I have a feeling that Disney is over-diluting itself with a second park in China? Am I the only one who feels this way?


Disney Channel Glorious November

Disney channel broke all kinds of records for itself during this past November. Those folks over there just can't seem to do anything wrong lately. They certainly have a commanding attention to the kids and tweens crowd.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

EuroDisney Takeover Bid Under Investigation

This story just won't end. The people at Center-Tainment are being investigated. You recall that those clowns announced a hostile takeover bid of EuroDisney few weeks ago that never materialized. During that time, EuroDisney stock went up. After nothing happened, it went back down, while Center-Tainment stocks took a huge nose-dive.

Now, the company is under investigation for possible stock manipulation for this takeover bid debacle. They could do us a favor by making sure these clowns don't get hired in any important positions of a company.


Disney Park Confusion Even in "Respectable" Textbook

One would think that if one plans on using a specific example to illustrate a principle or to put in a textbook question, one would use an example that one is extremely familiar with. It doesn't appear to be the case with this probability textbook author.

It actually is rather amusing, and a bit sad. People still confuses "Disneyland" and "Walt Disney World", and they also think Walt Disney World is "The Magic Kingdom". One of these days, someone will intend to go to WDW, but will accidentally end up in California.


Disney Stops Production of Narnia Sequel in New Zealand

Disney seems to have changed its mind on the production of the sequel to Narnia in New Zealand. It has opted to do most of the production at the Pinewood Studios. It appears that this is highlighting the competition for film production among several countries trying to lure big budget movies.


It's Mylando, ya hear?

I got a chuckle out of reading this. I think little Drew has the right idea. You go, big guy!


Disney Holiday Survival Guide

Debs at has written a "survival" guide for anyone planning on being at a Disney theme park during the peak of the holiday crowds (are you nuts?!! :) ). So if you are planning on doing this, you may want to read these helpful hits to preserve your sanity.

She mentioned something about the chocolate carousel at Disney's Beach Club. Here is a picture of that carousel taken during the first week of January of this year (2006).


The Disney-Apple Connection

So we all know that Steve Jobs is in the board of Directors of Disney, and Disney has had movies and content on iTunes. But is the connection going to be even closer between these two companies? The rumors floating around seems to indicate so (and don't we all love spreading all these rumors?). The recent patent filed by Disney seems to indicate that Disney might still continue to get into providing content and delivery format for mobile phones. Of course, with the current rumors of Apple getting into the mobile phone business with the "iPhone", tongues are wagging that Disney might provide content for Apple's phone.

Hey, stranger things have happened! :)


Finding Nemo Musical

More review of the Finding Nemo musical at Disney's Animal Kingdom. While it isn't officially opened yet, all the previews of this show have produced glowing reviews and amazing word-of-mouth. As I've said earlier, I wouldn't be surprised if Disney eventually consider a full-blown Broadway show, especially if Tarzan continues to disappoint and closes.


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Walt Disney's House For Sale on eBay

The house that Walt was born in in Chicago is up for sale on ebay. So if you have the money, you could buy a property that is a major historical site for Disney fanatics. Starting bid is $280,000.


Friday, December 08, 2006

Seven Lessons of Walt Disney

A terrific article from Forbes about what one can learn out of Neil Gabler's Disney biography. How many CEO's do you think have that kind of mentality anymore nowadays in the world of quick profit and pressures from fund managers?


More Puzzling Analysis on the EuroDisney Takeover Bid

I pointed out earlier on those clowns at Center-Tainment attempt at a hostile takeover big of EuroDisney. The latest news is an overview of this bid that never happened.

It appears as if they're just making it up as they go along. As a result, after missing the deadline for making such a bid, the company's stock has taken a nose-dive.

What were they thinking?


Disney Christmas, Without Park Tickets

This is a rather interesting article. It describes how you can have almost as much fun with the Christmas holiday but without going into any of the theme parks. The writer visited the various Disney hotels for the holiday themed decorations.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Disney Workers to Protest Outsourcing of Jobs

More labor unhappiness with Disney. Members of the Service Trades Council Union is planning on a rally to protest Disney's plan to outsource a number of jobs.

It is sad that, with Disney wallowing in record profit, that one still sees labor disatisfaction that one would expect from, let's say, an airline company filing bankruptcy. At least with the latter, it is understandable. What is the excuse with Disney? So that they can make even more money?


Disney Accused of Violating Labor Practice

WDW is accused of violating labor agreement when it displaced some 185 hotel custodial employees.

I'm just surprised they don't get complaints like this more often.


Dreaming of a Walt Christmas?

This Boston Herald critic certainly did. It's a fun piece of their vacation at WDW during the holiday season.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Pirates Sold 5 Million on First Day

OK, so we know it was going to be big, and it was. Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest DVD sold 5 million copies on the first day of its release.

At this rate, Disney could have the top 3 selling DVD of the year, which would be pretty impressive.


Robert Iger is CEO of the Year has named Robert Iger as CEO of the year. I'm sure he doesn't need any congratulations from me, but this is certainly well-deserved. Financially, Disney hasn't been better. However, I still wish he looks after his front-line cast members a little bit better, especially now that there's plenty of money.


Holiday Jumbo Pins

OK, having seen almost all of the holiday pins that have been released or about to be released, this jumbo pin appears to be my most favorite.

They could have made it better had they included all of the Fab 5 in it.


US Looks at Disney To Change Image

This is a no-brainer. Since Sept. 11, tourism from international visitor has dropped significantly. With the poor image of the US among many, this simply adds to the drop. The process of applying for a visa, and the non-welcoming atmosphere at various airports simply are scaring many visitors away from the US.

This report indicates the effort being done by the Homeland Security and the Dept. of State in changing that by consulting with Disney and other theme park operators. However, as far as I can tell, it certainly hasn't amounted to anything substantial. Until this is implimented across the board, and immigration officials treat visitors with more respect, the impression will remain. And the strange thing is that having these officials simply smile or being friendly while they do their jobs isn't THAT difficult either! That is certainly a simple FIRST STEP in all of this and could easily make an impact to these visitors.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Disney Shares Highest in Almost 6 Years

Disney shares closes today at its highest level in 5 1/2 years. It was trading up about 2% by closing time today.

So if you want to buy Disney shares, you have to fork out a very nice chunk of change right now.


EuroDisney Takeover Bid Update

It appears that the clowns at Center-Tainment, who are attempting a hostile takeover of EuroDisney, have missed the deadline set by France's Financial Markets Authority. They now have to wait 6 months before filing in their next bid.

If they did not intend to file before this past deadline, why did they hastily arranged for that press conference announcing the takeover bid in the first place? So far, everything appears to be done haphazzardly, and I hate to think that this is how they might run Disneyland Paris IF they ever get to control EuroDisney.

Like I said, a bunch of CLOWNS!


Disney Day

Happy 105th Birthday, Mr. Walt Disney. Thank you for your dreams and your legacy.


Disney's True-Life Adventure DVD - Vol. 1

The reviews are out! The first series released on DVD of the long-awaited Disney's True-Life Adventure is released today. DVD Talk gave it its highest rating, and from all indication, it is a spectacular DVD in all aspects, from the content to the extras all the way to the packaging.


Disney Job Fair

If you're in Orlando and looking to make some money over the holidays (or even longer), Disney is holding a Job Fair this week!

I just wish they also put more incentive to keep the current cast members and not have such high turnovers.


How To Install Your Home Theater

We have more definite news regarding Disney's effort to producing cartoon shorts. It seems that the first film to be produced will be Goofy's attempt at instructing the viewers on how to install a home theater system.

This should be hilarious, and I can't wait. So far, the list of the upcoming shorts sounds promising.


Orange County Up-And-Down Taxes on Disney

While I thought that the recent attempt to takeover EuroDisney was done by a bunch of clowns, it appears that those running the Orange County taxes dept is run by a bunch of Goofys.

I don't need to explain why. You can read it for yourself.

And speaking of that takeover bid for EuroDisney, it seems that there is STILL no official bid for the company filed in France by Center-Tainment as they claim they would. All they have done so far is have a not-so-promising press conference.

Like I said, a bunch of clowns!


Monday, December 04, 2006

Pirates DVD

Not all DVD special offers are the same. Read this news info and figure out which of the specials that accompany the release of Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest DVD strikes your fancy.


My Disney Tree

For the holidays, we have two trees - one in the sitting room, and the other in the TV room. The latter is our Disney tree and decorated only with Disney ornaments. Here are a few pictures from different angles of the tree.


MouseFest 2006

MouseFest2006 meets this week!!

Every year this unofficial fan festival gets larger and larger. It would be neat to attend one of these things one of these days. I just have put in the list of priorities of things to do and figure out where this belongs.


Walt's 106th Birthday

Tomorrow, Dec. 5 marks Walt Disney's 106's birthday. As often on this day, Disney will release a commemorative pin, and this is a good one.

Coincidentally, Dec. 5 is also the date for the release of Pirates of the Caribbean on DVD here in the US, which is the largest grossing Disney movie ever. Only fitting to celebrate the occassion.


The Monorail

I thoroughly enjoy riding the Monorail at the Walt Disney World, especially when they're not that packed like sardines. The last time we were there, we managed to ride in the front car - TWICE. It was so much fun. The monorail pilot even gave us this neat card that is a Monorail "drivers" license.

Anyway, I've seen plenty of Disney videos online, but I don't think I've seen one dedicated to just the Monorail. So I made one. Did a few editing here and there of all the monorail video footage that we had and voila, this is the end product:

WDW Monorail

Play it as LOUD as you can without the neighbors calling the police. :)

If you haven't see the rest of my Disney video collection, check out the whole list either in my Disney links or directly here.


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Disney Going Back To Cartoon Shorts

Wow! This is terrific news! Moviegoers might start getting to see Disney cartoon shorts at the movie theater some time soon! I love this!

I hope this is part of the revitalization of the animations division. It has been a long time coming.


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Decorating Tips From Disney Pro

So, have you done all your holiday decorations yet? If you haven't (and why haven't you already?), then you may want to get a few tips from someone who does this for a living for Disney.

I like the LED lights suggestion, which I have already incorporated. It will certainly reduce our electricity bill for the holidays.


Friday, December 01, 2006

Disney Cutting Animation Jobs

Disney had announced a 20% reduction in workforce at its Animation division.

This is certainly strange in light of the recent push back into animation, especially the hand-drawn animation. However, considering that Pixar is taking over the digital animation task, and the cutting back on the number of movies being released by the Disney studios, this cut-back is not unexpected. Just hope they don't cut too much and are left with nothing.


WDW Virgin

No, this is not a revelation about a cast member working there! :)

Read the report from a first time visitor to the Walt Disney World. Having taken one of those to WDW myself, I'd say that it is one of the most fun moments that I've ever had. Seeing WDW through the eyes of someone who has never been there is very exciting. It is as if you get to live through the amazement of seeing things for the first time all over again.

It is the duty of all Disney fanatics to bring at least ONE person who has never been to a Disney theme park during their lifetime. Re-read the contract that you signed when you became a Disney fanatic.