Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DVC member reception

Great party, snacks anf fun at the DVC member reception. Having lots of fun and lots of goodies.


At the DVC "Vacation as you wish" event at the Contemporary.


I finally did the parasailing. And just in time before they closed it due to the weather.

Resort monorail stuck

We are stuck at the Contemporary. Resort monorail isn't moving. It is raining so we can't walk to MK.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009


On the boat. It isn't full at this time of day.

Heading back to SSR

We are taking the ferry back to our car and the resort.

Jungle cruise

On jungle cruise.


In line for PhilharMagic. It is quite crowded. We might try jungle cruise after this.

Dole Whip

Having dole whip float.


Having lunch at pecos bill. I still don't know why people like this place that much.


Inside Hall of Presidents for the preview.

On Monorail

On the resort monorail heading to the Contemporary.


Morning at SSR. We are heading to the Contemporary and then to MK this morning for the Passholder/DVC preview of the Hall of Presidents.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dinner at Sanaa

We are sitting down for dinner at Sanaa. Lovely decor.

Kidani Village

Gorgeous resort. We are sightseeing before dinner.

Off to Kidani Village

We are done with our shopping at Premium Outlets. We are off to Kidani Village for our reservation at Sanaa.

Outlet Mall

We ditched the pin event and went to the premium outlet mall. I bought a nice disney sweatshirt for half the price.

Pin trading

More serious pin trading at the pin event.

At pin event

We are back at the pin event. Picked up our parting gifts. Still a day and a half left of the event.

Friday, June 26, 2009


The Wishes dessert IS A HIT! Patti's favorite dessert is banana chocolate tart. Everything is good.

This whole thing is a great idea so far.


Not only fo you get to see wishes during the wishes dessert, you also get to see spectromagic.

Wishes Dessert

We are seated for Wishes dessert party. Great treats and great views.


MK is busy. They have EMH tonight. God help me. There are just way too many very LOUD kids here tonight.


On the SLOW monorail heading towards MK.

Pin games

Standing in line at pin games.

The Seas

At the Seas with Nemo. Epcot is BUSY!!


We escaped the pin event and having lunch at Sunshine Seasons.

At pin trading event.

We arrive at World Showplace just in time before the big storm arrived. The place is buzzing already.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Waiting to get on Soarin'


We are seeing figment.

Back to Epcot

We ditched pin trading night and are walking back to Epcot. I think it is EMH night at Epcot tonight.

Pin Trading Night

Pin trading night going on at full blast.


Having gelato at the beach club. The mango gelato is crazy good!!


Having a lovely dinner at mitsukoshi.

At Epcot

Spending another HOT afternoon at Epcot.

Sorting pins

People are busy sorting pins and figuring out what to trade and maybe what to sell later. I already can tell that this dream machine pin is going to be the hit of the event and will fetch top money on ebay.

And I have one!!!!

Pin trading

We are through the lines. Pin trading area is full of pin traders.


Close to the front of the line.

In line

In line for registration and merchandise pickup.

Pin shopping

One more stop at a pin store before we make our way to the early registration.

Watch the price tag.

We were overcharged by $2 per pin on the "blue" price tag at WoD! Pay attention to the price color charge and make sure that is what got rang up!


Shopping at World of Disney.

Good Morning.

We slept in since this will be a rather long day. We are at SSR Carriage House getting my coffee. The only have pin trading board available between 11 am to 8 pm. Bummer.

We plan to head off to Downtown Disney to do shopping and an early lunch. Then to the Beach Club Conv. Ctr. for the early registration.