Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Treasures of Walt Disney Archives at the Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry

We attended this D23 traveling exhibit this past weekend at Chicago's MSI. Here is a brief report.

The main lobby area of the museum have signs and decorations of the exhibition, even having a Mickey Mouse clock. Strangely enough, the museum store carries no t-shirt, no souvenirs other than the event pins.


Once inside, you see this huge banner in the center of the museum.

When we entered the exhibit, we were greeted by this:

The following are the various exhibit items.

And example of the multiplane camera that Walt and his animators pioneered.

A few of the awards.

Continuing on with the exhibition.

The two most-famous book covers.

Replica of the Nautilus.

You can listen to a few of your favorite Disney tunes.

Mary Poppins carpet bag.

Disneyland's cast member ID badge #1, given to Walt.

The hitchhiking ghosts made the trip.

Several costumes were on display.

At the end, you can learn how to draw a Disney character at the Disney Animation academy, very much like at DHS.

They have a cart selling Disney items near the entrance/exit of the exhibits. This is where you can find pins for this event. Here are some of the pins that we bought. I think most of them are almost identical to the ones that were sold at the previous location of this exhibition (the Reagan Library), except that they do have the name of the Museum of Science and Industry on these pins. So in some sense, these are unique to this exhibition.

This pin is a D23 pin that you can find elsewhere (i.e. not related to the exhibition), and we found it at the museum gift store, not at the cart.

It was a good exhibition. According to someone who had seen the same exhibition at the Reagan Library, there were a few things missing (Tron bike), including items that were part of the Reagan Library collection.



JoAnn C (WDWFGU) said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures of the exhibit. Wish I would have gone this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I am so excited to see this! Thanks!----Magic Mirror WDWFG