Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Reasons to be cheerful at WDW

You might be cheerful if you had some interesting things to do at WDW that didn't cost anything.  This post at DIS News talks about 5 things that can be enjoyed at WDW at no cost. 
These are things that can be scheduled in your vacation itinerary during an open afternoon, or maybe just kept in the back of your mind if you find yourself with some free time and not wanting to spend much money while at Disney.
An example of free things to do are: a visit to Fort Wilderness Campgrounds, and exploring life on the Monorail, i.e resort hopping.  Haven't seen this talked about much on the various posts, but it is entirely possible to visit WDW for a week and never go into a park. Between hanging out at the resorts and doing some of the things mentioned in this post, you could easily skip the parks.  A variation on this theme is to get up early and go to a park for a couple hours in the AM, then exit stage right before the crowds reach the intolerable level.  An advantage of this strategy in the Summer is that you would also avoid the afternoon heat and the typical storms. 

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