Wednesday, October 08, 2014

WDW Toy Story Mania 4-day Experiment

This can't be good.

Disney is in the middle of its 4-day experiment with Toy Story Mania at Hollywood Studios where you can only ride that attraction via FastPass+ only, no standby line.

In a test that started on Monday and runs through Thursday, Disney World is requiring Hollywood Studios visitors to make advance reservations via the FastPass+ system if they want to hop aboard the popular Toy Story ride, an interactive “4D” attraction in which guests twist through a series of virtual carnival games while wearing 3D glasses. Normally, the wait time to ride Toy Story Mania can easily stretch over an hour, but the new reservation-only system means that Disney World guests won’t have the option of waiting it out in the standby queue.

The issue here is if Disney is going to extend this to other popular attraction, thus forcing everyone to have to plan ahead if they want to do these attractions. Gosh I hope not. My sentiments run along the same line as this Disney guest:

In a post at Theme Park Insider, most Disney fans seem opposed to reservation-only rides. “I want a vacation, for Christ’s sake, and if I have to plan everything in advance, then it’s simply not fun anymore,” one commenter stated, bashing the entire swath of policies pushing guests to plot minute-by-minute plans ahead of time. 

There is a point where thing thing can be taken way too far.


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