Friday, November 14, 2014

How To Survive Kids Meltdown At Disney World

This is utterly funny but also true. If you have young kids, you should read it before heading off on your trip to a Disney theme park.

One of the advice that was given, and something I've told everyone going there for the first time, is to not push it and try to do everything. That is impossible, and you'll make your kids miserable. This is especially true if you are going there in the middle of summer. There is no point in doing all that and end up with a miserable time.

And please, do make SOME plans and not go there blind. WDW is so big, with so much to do and see, that you need to do some planning. It doesn't mean that your whole day must be planned out and structured, but with the implementation of FastPass Plus and the popularity of dinning reservations, you do need to plan ahead on what you want to do, at least for part of the time. Otherwise, you either have to spend most of your time standing in long lines, or you can't get into the restaurants or places that you desired the most.


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Joe Shelby said...

Well, I will say from my experience (limited as it is) that DAK is the worst for meltdowns. Much of this is because it has probably the fewest number of indoor attractions of any park. In MK or EPCOT it is easy to get in the queue for an indoor blast of air conditioning, or just hit a shop.

In DAK many of the shops, to preserve the atmosphere of the lands, aren't nearly as air conditioned (and even most of the food venues are all entirely outdoors). The result is that by the 3pm peak of heat, the kids are feeling it HARD. That of course has patience (of kid and parent) at its lowest, just in time for the parade.

So scheduling the DAK day with a little one is key, to carefully select indoor events like Lion King or Nemo Musical (or spend time in Conservation Station if necessary) to keep the temps, and tempers, down.