Thursday, April 23, 2015

Magic Kingdom Club Plaque

The one thing about being a "known" Disney fanatic is that your friends and acquaintances often think of you first if it is anything related to Disney. This is one such case.

One of my online friends came across this plaque when he was cleaning up his parents house. So knowing about my Disney obsession from my online posts, he contacted me first and asked if I wanted it. Of course, I did. So this was mailed to me and it got here yesterday.

It is a plaque commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom Club. Now I will admit that I didn't know what a "Magic Kingdom Club" is, so I did a check and found this info.

Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom Club (MKC) was created in 1957 as a unique marketing vehicle for the new Park. The Club offered discounted and special-value ticket media to the employees of large companies, industry and military throughout Southern California. It was an immediate win-win formula: MKC provided a free employee benefit while the participating organizations promoted Disneyland by distributing membership cards and materials. In many ways, MKC was the forerunner of today’s airline and hotel loyalty membership programs by instilling the sense of a special beneficial relationship. 

It was disbanded in 2000. It is another piece of Disney history that I wasn't aware of, and that I got to learn because of this.


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