Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Inside/Out Insider Access

We had a really good time at the Fathom event for Inside/Out last night. When we picked up our tickets, we were each given a poster, and a lanyard with a card attached at the end of the lanyard. On the back of the card is a special code for a bonus 50 points at the Disney Movie Rewards website.

Here's the poster:

Here's the lanyard:

While waiting for the start of the program, they showed clips of interviews with the actors that voiced the 5 main emotions, and also a series of fun facts from the movie. Some of the fun facts are: the ice-skating ring that Riley goes to in San Francisco is at the same location as the Disney Family Museum; the fatigue outfit worn by one of Riley's classmates has Toy Story characters all over it. I can't remember the rest.

When the program started, they showed the behind the scenes look at the Pixar campus, more specifically, inside the Steve Jobs building. Our "tour guides" were Inside/Out Director Pete Doctor and Producer Jonas Rivera. It was a fun, informative tour of not only the building, but also the various people, offices, and quirkiness. There is only ONE bathroom area in the entire building. Steve Jobs wanted this because it forced people to leave their offices and walk, increasing the chances of people interacting with each other and exchanging ideas.

We got to see the jaw-dropping office of John Lasseter. They then found John in a closed-office working on Toy Story 4. He would not let us into the office, but came out and talked about Inside/Out. And yes, he was already wearing a Hawaiian shirt with Inside/Out characters.

It was a fun tour, and something we probably don't get to see much of.

Then the movie started. This is the best Pixar movie since Up and Toy Story 3, in my humble opinion. The animation is getting way too real, and they really animated "Joy" quite well. So the movie is visually spectacular. The storyline is also rather interesting and refreshing. It really is a story of an ordinary little girl, and that made it extraordinary.

The short story before the movie, Lava, was just plain-out charming. I lava it! The animation, especially the ocean and the dolphins, looked almost real!

After the movie, there was a 30-minute interview and Q&A with Pete Doctor and Amy Poehler. The questions were submitted by the audience members at the event via Twitter. Again, this was fun, funny, and quite entertaining.

This was the first Fathom event that I attended. If they do something similar with Disney-related events, I probably will attend them again.


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