Monday, July 20, 2015

Ant Man Review

We saw Marvel's "Ant Man" on Friday, and it was almost as much fun as "Guardians of the Galaxy". In fact, I would say that the Marvel's movies can be roughly grouped into two: The Avengers-class movies, which had a more weighty subtext, and the "Guardians + Ant Man"-type movies, which have a more tongue-in-cheek feel to them.

The movie is almost like a caper rather than straight-on "I need to save this world" level of scenario. There are subtle tie-ins with Hydra/SHIELD/Avengers (Hydra being the one and only customer for the invention in the movie). There are also clever moments in the movie when the stories were being told of the source of such-and-such. And there are certainly more laughs in this movie than there was in "Age of Ultron".

If you stay for the mid-credit scene, you'll definitely get a sense of an impending sequel. But you should stay on till the END of the credits, because you'll see a tie-in with Captain America. In fact, there is a very strong hint of what could be expected in the next "Captain America - Civil War" in that one short scene.

This was a very enjoyable movie, and to me, more enjoyable than "Age of Ultron". Highly recommended.


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