Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dining App Make Disney Dining Reservation Under Fake Names

I am sure a lot of people have heard of this news report about an app that books Disney dining reservation under fake names and then sell those reservations later on. While I read this, something struck me as being puzzling. You have to leave a credit card information for each dining reservation. How were those people able to do that using fake names? Don't Disney check for the card validity and thus, the name on the card has to match?

In any case, Disney is aware of this, and like the abuse with disabled guests at the parks, I have no doubt that Disney will tackle this and alter their dining reservation. Here is what I predict:

They will institute different booking window for Disney resort guests/pass holders/DVC members versus non-resort guests. This means that if you Fall under one of these categories, you'll get the full 180-day window. Everyone else maybe get the 30-day window.

It may not prevent these jokers from taking advantage of the system, but it will stop the booking with fake names. At the very least, Disney will have someone's real name and information and not fake ones anymore. With such information, any fool can track if a guest keeps booking and canceling reservations, or if a guest tends to make way too many reservations.


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