Friday, February 24, 2017

Crush Now Does Home Restoration?

I've said it before. Being a Disney fan can be so distracting, you start seeing almost everything through Disney eyes. I've mentioned before that I often see "Hidden Mickeys" in so many other things (see here and here).

But it isn't restricted to just Hidden Mickeys. I've recently started watching the show "Restored" on DIY network, and I swear, the host of the show, Brett Waterman, sounds exactly like Crush from "Finding Nemo"! Don't believe me? Watch a couple of episodes and you'll understand what I mean. He has that same, surfer-dude sound. The only difference here is that, I don't remember him ever using the word "dude", whereas Crush would like you to use the word "dude" all day long after you've seen him at his attraction at the parks.

Crush doing home restoration.... who knew?


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