Saturday, February 27, 2010

Easter Donald Duck

I was rolling on the floor when I saw this.

I went to the Hallmark store a couple of nights ago, and bought the Easter Donald Duck that they were selling. If you've never bought anything from them, this is the one you want to get, so GO! NOW! It is so hysterical that I just had to take a quick video of it!

It has a tag on one of the ears telling you NOT to pick up by the ears. But you should do it anyway! :)

I wonder why Disney doesn't think of such clever merchandise for themselves. This would be a HUGE seller at the theme parks. It seems that many of the fun and funny stuff are licensed and sold elsewhere.

I'm thinking of buying another one. It costs $14.95 if you purchase 3 Hallmark cards, which is nothing since we typically buy a few Hallmark cards anyway!


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Blondie said...

My younger son is now crying to watch the video AGAIN...but I have to write this comment!

I have to get one of these for him! It is too cute. It is an appropriate Easter present as we will be at Disney for Easter (actually for the space shuttle launch but we're staying at Pop).