Monday, June 06, 2011

Bob Iger On Technology And "Monetization"

The Wall Street Journal has an excerpt of an interview with Disney CEO Bob Iger on digital technology, movie distribution, and monetization of Disney's brand name. But what I was curious most about was his relationship to Apple and Steve Jobs:

I have a special relationship with Steve [Jobs]. It goes back now a number of years, through the Pixar acquisition and the deal we did with Apple to put our product on the iTunes platform. It even transcends the fact that he's our largest shareholder. But the company doesn't have a special relationship with Apple.

We've done deals with Microsoft. Our product is on the Xbox platform. There's engagement with Amazon. Obviously Netflix. The Hulu relationship. There are numerous relationships we've created that you could view as potentially competitive to Apple.

Which is true. They certainly have supported many companies and platform which one would consider as competitors to Apple. It is also hinted from this interview that Disney will not be part of Apple's cloud computing announcement expected today.


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