Monday, June 20, 2011

"Cars 2" Is Already A Hit - In Merchandise!

With "Cars 2" opening this weekend and inevitably will another solid hit for Disney/Pixar, the Walt Disney Company is already reaping in profits from the Cars 2 merchandise, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Disney says "Cars 2" is on track to sell more tie-in goods than any single previous film, surpassing by a wide margin the current record holder, "Toy Story 3," which last year sold $2.8 billion of merchandise. That's on top of the average $2 billion of "Cars" merchandise sold annually since 2006. Both "Cars" and "Toy Story" are products of Disney's Pixar Animation Studios.

Luckily, I'm not one of those people who got into collecting Cars merchandise (I already have my hands full with those dreaded Disney pins!). So I'm rather immune to these things. But I know of many who truly collect these Cars stuff.

The thing that got me to snicker a little bit was when I read this part:

Disney's financial structure encourages such cross-division collaboration. When Disney's toy division makes money from a product derived from a particular film, the movie studio books a percentage of that revenue. Executives' bonuses are tied to the performance of their own operating divisions and of the company overall, giving them a personal incentive to cooperate with other units.

Can someone remind the people at D23 (and the people who did Destination D- The Florida Project) of this fact? There were many of us who would have paid the cover price for many books done by Dave Smith, books on imagineering, books on Disney history, etc. just to get them signed at the signing event. But we couldn't find these books anywhere at the event. Disney missed a tremendous opportunity to get these books sold. And oh, what about a coffee/refreshment cart outside of the convention hall? You could make a killing there!


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