Monday, July 30, 2012

WDW Master Plan

Check out this article written by Kevin Yee and posted on  Kevin writes about the master plan for WDW, apparently from his memory of seeing the plan somehow.  As he points out, these are just possible changes that may or may not actually happen. And, some of the article is his opinion.
The biggest theme park will come next to the MK parking lot. It appears to have as much acreage as Epcot, maybe a touch more. The two other big zones, near ESPN Wide World of Sports and north of DAK, could each be about the same size as Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
Talking about expanding the monorail system...
Adding hotels and DHS would be nice, but the real prize is DAK. It’s so far out there that it gets visited much less frequently. I wonder if they could add a monorail track just to DAK. Surely there would be a way to do this from Epcot, or even from the TTC.

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