Saturday, December 15, 2012

No Holiday Lighting At World Showcase

Sometime, you look at something, and you have a nagging feeling that something is missing.

That's what I had with me last week week when we were at Epcot's World Showcase waiting for Illuminations. We've been here for the holidays for the past few years, so we're quite familiar with the decorations, etc. However, in this one, even most of the people in my group kinda either missed it, or didn't care much about it.

During the holidays, the various pavilions at World Showcase used to have this additional blueish lighting. It made the buildings look even more festive in the evening. However, this year, I noticed that this special lighting is entirely missing! I mentioned this to other members of the group, and they either didn't remember, or maybe vaguely were aware that there were such lighting during the holidays. Instead, what we saw this year were the typical evening lighting that one can see on a normal evening.

Just to be sure that I wasn't hallucinating during those other times, I looked back on the photos that I took in previous years. I'll let you compare them yourself and see if I'm correct.

1. This trip

2. This trip


3. This trip


So as you can see, it was as recently as last year (2011) that they had these special holiday lighting on the various pavilions. So are they cutting even more corners now? It is bad enough that Epcot lost the Lights of Winter a few years ago. That lost was certainly more obvious than this one. But I certainly noticed it, and I wonder how many others did.

It's just that I'm apprehensive to think that this might be a trend in cutting back many of the "details" that made this place so special.


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