Thursday, February 21, 2013

The anti-blockbuster movie critic

To show that everyone is a critic, check out this posting on for one person's opinion of where Disney is going wrong with its movies. 
John Carter is now considered one of the biggest movie blunders of all-time. You would think that Disney would start to stray away from big budget flicks for a little while, then work its way back up. Unfortunately…they went the opposite direction. Oz, coming out next month, has a $200 million budget. Let me repeat that, a $200 million budget. That is humongous. That means that Disney needs Alice In Wonderland/Iron Man/Batman numbers to make money. Now that is a risk.
 The big budget lineup for Spring 2013 includes Oz, Iron Man 3 and The Lone Ranger, the latter reportedly having a budget of around $300 million.  Turns out that John Carter was not the financial disaster that most people believe.  This posting in Box Office Mojo from March 2012 shows that the movie made $282 million worldwide vs. a budget of $250 million.  The film did very well in China,

So, given these numbers for what one could say was a weak and mis-marketed movie, Disney isn't taking such a big risk in making the blockbusters that are coming out.  They probably feel that if the movie is not so hot in the USA, there's the rest of the world to consider. Of course, we Disney movie goers would prefer to see good movies and not have to say "Oh well, at least it will be a big hit in China".

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