Monday, February 25, 2013

Why's everybody always picking on me?

For some reason, this is not the best time to be the White Rabbit at Disneyland.  Following a recent charge of racism, which also affected our favorite duck in a separate incident, the rabbit apparently lost it when some girls pulled his tail. This story was posted at, an Australian news source, and will probably get wider circulation.  Characters are always accompanied by a handler who, presumably, would be the one to intervene in such incidents.  So where was the handler when all this was going on?  No mention of a handler in the rabbit stories.

In a recent WDW MK parade, we witnessed Donald accidentally smack Stitch in the head.  We wouldn't expect Stitch to start choking Donald, although that would liven up the parade.  We expect characters to be pretty disciplined, so this apparent rabbit meltdown is a puzzle.  I guess you don't tug on Superman's cape or pull the White Rabbit's tail.

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