Friday, March 15, 2013

Biggest Disney nerd?

The Orlando Sentinel has this story about George Taylor, a man who is possibly the biggest Disney nerd. 
...if this amiable Kernersville man isn't the biggest Disney nerd on the planet, he's a threat to steal the crown any day now. Who else do you know that collects not only Disney-related books -- he's believed to have the largest private collection of Disney books in the world -- but also Disney park maps, coffee mugs, neckties and even napkins?
Taylor also writes columns and reviews for MiceChat, one of the most popular Disney-related websites on the Internet, and co-hosts a video/podcast called "Communicore Weekly," which also focuses on all things Disney. On iTunes, the 15- to 20-minute show has been downloaded as many as 120,000 times a month, making it one of the most popular Disney podcasts available, Taylor says .
George and his brother Andrew created this blog  called  But the biggest Disney nerd? The group I'm familiar with might take this as a challenge.

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