Monday, March 04, 2013

Vinylmation update

If you are interested in Vinylmations check out Steven Miller's post on the Disney Parks Blog, talking about the person now in charge of Vinylmations, Julie Young, and the direction that the little figures may be taking.  Julie has spent over 10 years with pins and was partly responsible for hiring Steven as trading manager. Steven interviewed Julie in her new role...
What are some of the changes that Vinylmation fans can expect to see?

Julie: “Vinylmation, like Disney pins, has a strong and passionate fan base. We heard from fans about what they would like to see with Vinylmation. To many, it’s all about the collectability and rarity of figures. We also know that the thrill of the chase is a critical part of the experience. You will see us focus more on mystery boxes and focus less on open edition figures. We will be trying new things that we hope will keep things exciting, such as eight-figure mystery series that will make completing sets easier.”
 See the blog post for the full interview.  The Vinylmation segment of Disney collectibles seemed to some people as somewhat drifting lately.  Not sure if the emphasis on mystery boxes is a good thing or not.  Let's see how things develop in the next few months.

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