Sunday, November 03, 2013

MyMagic+ program nearing full rollout

DIS News reports that the MyMagic+ program is about to be fully implemented at WDW. 
George A. Kalogridis, President of Walt Disney World, will now also be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the MyMagic+ program that is set to fully launch at the Resort soon.
Disney said the billion-dollar program has "reached important milestones in terms of testing" and should be rolled out fully in the very near future. 
The article also states that Disney might expand the program to include different ways to apply it and different locations to apply it in.  I know, that is supposed to be "in which to apply it", but nobody talks that way.

The MyMagic+ program includes the Magic Band and related accessories, and the ability to reserve a FastPass at attractions months in advance.  This has the same feel as, for example, making an appointment at the Haunted Mansion at 3 PM on March 10.  This is apparently a good thing for many people but, for others, it represents the end of spontaneity.  One side effect of this program is that FastPasses at more and more popular attractions will be gone in the morning, and this has already started to happen. Another issue, which nobody wants to talk about, is the levels of security protecting the information on the scannable Magic Band.  So, to quote the wife in Carousel of Progress, "Oh you and your progress".

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