Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Zebras removed from Kilamanjaro Safari

WDW News Today has this post about the Zebras being removed from the Kilamanjaro Safari at WDW Animal Kingdom.  The Zebras were added as part of the changes to the ride, including not doing the "Little "Red" adventure.
Disney has sited “acclimation” issues for the animals, deciding that the new home just wasn’t working out. Some insider reports claim that the zebras were troublesome and would constantly block the vehicle path or bite each-other and attack vehicles filled with guests.
None of this comes as a surprise to anyone familiar with Zebras.   The phrase "don't work well with others" was invented because of Zebras. Although ,to be fair, many Zebras seem to be well adjusted so maybe it's just one or two that are of a different stripe. We once witnessed an unnerving full speed Rhinocerous rampage by 3 of the large animals, coming pretty close to the safari truck.  There was speculation that the trucks could withstand a direct hit by one charging Rhino, but not 3.  Compared to that incident, a Zebra attack on the truck wouldn't seem very scary unless one of them could jump in the truck 

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