Thursday, August 06, 2015

An Enviromentally-Friendly Theme for Epcot's "Food and Wine Festival"

So I've been to Epcot's Food and Wine Festival a few times. Had fun, but I think they often miss things. I'm sure they have to cater to the "average tourist" and consider the kind of food, offerings, and activities that will appeal to the largest audience.

Still, I think they are missing a tremendous opportunity to help address an important environmental issues here in the US, and possibly elsewhere. They should have a theme, or have an introduction to get people to eat invasive species and animals. Animals such as the Asian carp, snake head fish, nutria, etc. are destroying the ecosystem where they were introduced to and overpowering the native species. Yet, these animals are edible, provides a viable source of protein, and can be delicious! Andrew Zimmern on his TV show has shown these animals being cooked and eaten, and became surprisingly delectable.

People, especially in the US, often have an "Ewwwww" factor either due to its name (snake head) or due to how an animal looks like. They need to get over that. The Food and Wine Festival can help to overcome the stigma with these animals. Show them that these are really good food, and by eating them, people are also helping to get rid of them from where they shouldn't be. Invite someone like Andrew Zimmern, who should draw a large crowd, to get people to try and taste these things.

Human beings have been known to push a specie to the brink of extinction from over hunting. Why  can't we do the same to an invasive specie? Come on, Disney! You can do something quite unique and help the environment at the same time. It's a win-win situation. Even I would consider coming be to F&W Festival  if you do this one.


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