Thursday, March 17, 2016

Costumes For "Rivers Of Light"

Orlando Sentinel is showing the costumes for the two main characters in the highly-anticipated Disney's Animal Kingdom's "Rivers of Light".

The two main storytellers of the show are Aseema and Aditya. Disney says the characters transcend time and location, thus their costumes reflect multiple time periods and cultures, from Native Americans to Far Eastern cultures.

Aditya is described as the "embodiment of fire and light" while Aseema is the "human embodiment of water." Their costumes reflect this, with mixes of warm and cool colors and patterns and beading representing fire and water. Each storyteller has an acolyte, or student -- Ambu and Ketu -- which wear costumes "more conducive to that of an apprentice with pants and sashes."

This will be high on our list of things to see when we finally go to WDW in October, which is our earliest trip there.


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