Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Disney thinking of charging resort fees at WDW?

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that some people have received a survey from Disney asking their opinion of being charged an extra $15 per night fee to cover Magic Bands, Magical Express and other services at WDW.  So, for a 7-night stay this amounts to an extra $105.  The article wasn't specific about who might have received the survey, or about a wider range of reaction than the two responses quoted (both negative). Of course this comes across as another attempt to nickel and dime people.  If there is any hint of adding this fee to DVC members, it's easy to predict what their reaction will be.  As usual, time will tell if this will actually materialize, but it does seem to paint Disney in a negative light. Maybe Disney thinks the airlines and banks have done this so it should be no problem for us. 

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