Thursday, May 22, 2008

Disney World Savings Secrets

I've ran several articles like this before that advice potential WDW visitors on how to save money. This is more relevant now with the high costs of fuel and food and just about everything else. So chalk this one up as another article on money-saving tips while vacationing at WDW.

Still, there are at least a couple of inaccuracies here.

If you must shop at the park, she says the best kept souvenir secret is "Mickey's Mart" in Downtown Disney...Where everything is under $10. Its much cheaper than buying a stuffed animal at the gift shop at the end of every ride.

While there can sometime be items on discounted sales, the what is more common for this store is that it carries items that are also available elsewhere for less than $10. So these are not discounted items. The Donald rubber duckies, for example, are being sold for the same price as those you find elsewhere. It is just that this store tends to collect many of the items that are being sold for less than $10, and put them under one roof. So you really aren't saving money if you want to buy a particular item and hoping that it'll be cheaper at this store.

The other error in the article is this:

She says skip the pricey "Park Hopper" pass --which lets you visit 3 parks in one day. A multi day "Magic your Way" pass is cheaper. And who really does 3 parks in one day?

Er... 3 parks? What year was this article written? 1995? :)

There are 4 theme parks. Your park hopper allows you to hop among these 4 theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom. Whether park-hopping is something that one can do without is an entirely different matter. I suppose that infrequent visitors can do without the park-hopping option. But frequent visitors, I would think, would like the opportunity to hop in a single day. I certainly do, After all, I still don't see me spending a whole day at DHS.


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