Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Alice" Approaching the $1 Billion Mark

"Alice in Wonderland" is about to hit the $1 billion mark worldwide, and will probably surpass "The Dark Knight".

The Mouse House reported that global earnings for "Alice" reached $997.1 million as of Monday, making it the sixth-highest grossing film ever behind Warner Bros.' "The Dark Knight," which earned $1 billion worldwide in 2008.

And while "Alice" is expected to eclipse "Dark Knight" in the coming weeks, the boffo benchmark points to a significant shift in theatrical distribution.

David Kornblum, Disney's VP of international sales and distribution, said that while most tentpoles debut during summer or holiday periods, "Alice's" first-quarter launch repped a high note for year-round distribution. "By going in the spring, it truly rings the bell that moviegoing is a 52-week business," Kornblum said.

So it appears that while "Jaws" may have introduced the summer blockbuster concept back in the mid 70's, "Alice" may have opened the concept of a Spring blockbuster period for the movies. We shall see if this catches on.


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