Saturday, May 01, 2010

Donald's Great Adventure - Pin Trading NIght

I made my appearance at the monthly Pin Trading night at the Contemporary. As expected, there were a lot of pin traders, some carrying what looked like coolers on rollers. Wow! Those must have been really valuable pins to be kept in temperature-controlled climate!

Here, they are already busy doing serious pin trading.

I have plenty of fans who are pin traders. They were just clamoring to get a picture with me. Right, Peter?

I also met up with Steven Miller, the Project Manager for Disney Pin Trading. He even confessed that he's a big Donald Duck fan! So there ya go!

If you ever have the chance to chat with Steven, you should. He's a very nice guy, and extremely friendly to talk to. Tell him that Donald sent you.

I had a fun evening. Too bad I didn't bring any pins to trade.


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AJ said...

Sounds like a wonderful adventure! I'm surprised you didn't bring any pins to trade!