Friday, October 01, 2010

Do You Remember Where We Parked?

How many times have you heard that phrase when leaving the theme parks to get back to your car? I think in all of our trips there (and we typically have our own vehicle), we've only had one instance where we were not quite sure where we parked. Of course, it had to be late at night when we were hunting for the car. But other than that, we tend to not forget where we parked our vehicle.

One of the things I've started to do to make sure we know where we parked was this. I take a picture of the row number after we parked. This is very easy for everyone to do, since practically everyone, or every group, has a digital camera. Just snap a picture of the row number, and then look at it when you are going to your car. Very convenient.

So ladies and gentlemen! Here are some snapshots of where we've parked! These are very boring shots, obviously, but also fascinate me a little bit because I noticed that in several cases, we parked almost in the same location. You could play a nice little game of guessing at which WDW theme park each of the parking area name is located! :)


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