Friday, October 29, 2010

WDW Adding Doors To Trams

It finally has happened. Walt Disney World is adding doors to the trams taking guests to and from the parking lots.

Walt Disney Co. is in the process of adding doors to all rows of all 23 of its trams, Disney World spokesman Bryan Malenius said. The vehicles, which haul thousands of guests from the parking lots to the park gates daily, have had open sides for years.

"We expect our work installing new doors on the trams to be complete by February of 2011," Malenius said.

But I had a bit of a chuckle when I read this:

At first glance, the tram with all doors shut looks like a tram that's ready to take off. Guests should still listen to cast members for boarding instructions.

Two things to pay attention here next time you ride the trams at WDW:

1. If you ride near the front, especially right behind the driver, very often, you cannot hear what is being announced when the tram is moving. This is because the engine noise drowns everything! Why they are not using quieter, electric engines, I don't know.

2. They should only use someone without heavy, foreign accent, and to speak slower. It is imperative that the person doing the announcement has a clear diction. The guests who are trying to understand what is being said not only have to overcome the surrounding noise, but may also be non-native English speakers. Clear, and deliberate pronunciation, rather than simply rattling off a series of instruction, is important.


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