Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Is D23 Worth It?

So my D23 membership is about due in the next couple of months. I am seriously debating if I want to renew it. During the last renewal period, I thought I was not going to renew, but then I got wind of the Florida Project event, and decided that I want to go to that event. So I renewed.

Well, almost a year later, was it worth it? Till the Florida Project, I have not been to a single D23 event. Most of the reason for this is that it was simply held at an inconvenient time of the year. However, there were also a few events in which it got sold out literally within SECONDS of it being opened for reservation! Other events simply had too short of a lead time for most of us to make plans, especially when these events are in Orlando or in Anaheim. The few events that were held here in the Chicagoland area were so pathetic, and so last-minute, they were not worth the effort to attend.

So my membership fee went mainly to get the D23 magazines, which would make them to be the most expensive magazines around! So is it worth it? In my opinion..... NO!

Therefore, unless something comes up that really is enticing enough for me to renew, come due time, I will not be renewing my D23 membership.

What about you? Are you, or were you, a D23 member and do you think it is worth it? If you post a comment, please indicate where you live, because I think if you are in Orlando or Anaheim, it might be a factor in whether you are able to take advantage of all the events that are held at those locations.



disneynorth said...

My renewal came and went and I did not renew. I live in Canada and I live far away from any events. I thought that I could take advantage of discounts at WDW or the Disney Stores, but all discounts are in Southern California. I would rather spend the money on a fan based magazine.

Jeff C. said...

I received a D23 membership as a birthday gift in September. We live in Charlotte, NC, and I doubt it will be practical for me to try and attend any of the D23 events. I do like the magazine, but to your point, it's awfully expensive if that's the only thing you get or are able to take advantage of with the membership.

When it comes up for renewal,I doubt I will renew. That's money I can spend on some pins instead.

JRW68 said...

Why is it worth it to me?

* I get the magazines sent to me and I don't have to go hunt them down -- and I read them THOROUGHLY

* I get the email newsletter, which I otherwise wouldn't get

* Each magazine comes with a gift, which may be a small thing but is cool

* When I renew, I get a bigger gift like the journal or the watch, these are impressive

* I don't go to the events, but I know I can if they coincide with a visit to Florida or California

* There's a feeling, to me, at least, that I belong to something that the Disney company is doing

What would improve D23? Giving members something online that they can't get anywhere else like Mickey cartoons that aren't on Bluray or the old Wonderful World of Disney episodes. And having an ACTUAL blog or at least the ability to comment on stories. They won't even respond to Facebook posts! I feel like there's absolutely no engagement from D23 with Disney fans.

Yes, I will renew, definitely. It comes out to about $6 a month, and if that's just for the magazine that's good for me. It's really, really beautiful.

Carriegodmother said...

I just got my Disney Visa Rewards brochure in the mail... located in the back was a 15% off coupon for a D23 membership. Would that make it worth it? I didn't read the fine print but, it might be worth looking into!

Anonymous said...

I live in Indiana, near the Ohio border, so i am pretty much away from the action of Florida or California. It really seems like the D@# membership is geared towards those people that live in or near those areas. I ahve also found that the events sell out so quick, it must be a matter of knowing someone or having an "in" somewhere along the way. I am a Charter Member of D23 but with the economy and a recent job loss, I am seriously rethinking if and why I need to spend money on something that I am not able to take full advantage of. Besides, I can use that money for a nice item or a couple of dinners while at WDW!!