Monday, January 07, 2013

Avatar Land not happening?

The Theme Park Insider blog posted this article speculating that the new Avatar Land might not be built.  The project seems to be behind schedule and there are reports that James Cameron doesn't work well with the Imagineers.
Movie blogs this week have been reporting delays on production of director James Cameron's new Avatar movies, including word that a fourth Avatar might not be in the works at all. The initial report, from IndieWire on Monday, included speculation that the Avatar project for Disney's Animal Kingdom is running behind schedule, too.
We do know this: Avatar was slated to go into the space in Animal Kingdom now occupied by Festival of the Lion King. If that show doesn't close in January to make room for Avatar, as is now planned, we will know for sure that the Avatar project is in trouble. And if Lights, Motors, Action closes instead early next year, we'll know that Cars Land East likely will happen, too. Keep your eyes open. 
Several other blogs are reporting that Avatar Land won't happen, but they may be just repeating rumors. It seems that Universal is kicking things up a notch with plans to open a Transformers attraction, so Disney may be looking for ways to keep WDW competitive.  Since plans for Avatar Land became known, many people (me included) felt that this didn't make much sense for Disney.  Too far away from Disney theming.  While Harry Potter is firmly embedded in popular culture, Avatar could fade away into the background. So, we'll see.

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