Thursday, January 17, 2013

Donald's Great Adventure - Another Cruise On The Disney Dream

Hello Friends,

This is your lovable Donald Duck again reporting on my latest visit to the Sunshine State and my 5-day cruise on the Disney Dream.

I spent a couple of days at Cocoa Beach just to chill out and dry out my feathers. Ah, the sun, the ocean, the breeze. I could retire here.

I made new friends while I was there. This was one of them. He looked rather strange to me, don't you think? But then again, my fans come in all shapes and sizes.
Soon it was time for me to get on board the Disney Dream. Here I was trying to decide if I want to take the wine package. It was very tempting.

I may be the Admiral of the Disney Dream, but it doesn't stop me from being treated like a King. I get to sit on my throne whenever I feel like it.
Here I was waiting patiently for them to seat me for dinner. Why were they making me wait? Don't they know who I was?

Ah, Castaway Cay! My favorite place! I got to swim around and flap my wings here as much as I wanted.
Back on the ship, it has been quite a cruise. I needed some zzz's and found this comfy lounge area where I could just sit back and had my nap.
Ah, I think this sculpture looks better with me in it!

On the final afternoon on the Disney Dream, nothing better than just kicking my feet up on the large porthole and watch the ocean.
I had a wonderful cruise. Can't wait to go back.


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