Friday, August 23, 2013

Escape from Tomorrow makes it to theaters

In January 2013 I posted a story about a movie titled "Escape from Tomorrow" that was filmed in secret at WDW.  The movie's creators went to great lengths to disguise what they were doing so as not to arouse the suspicions of Disney security. The film will be released in a few theaters and also as a cable movie in October 2014.
Director Randy Moore created the edgy film, which "follows a businessman who struggles to enjoy the last days of his Disney vacation with his family after he's fired on the phone, leading to all kinds of surreal and uncomfortable situations."
Speculation was that the film would never be released, for fear that Disney would send their lawyers after the filmmakers
According to an earlier report, the businessman starts to lose his sanity on It's a Small World and things apparently go downhill from there. The assumption is that this was filmed only at Magic Kingdom. It would be interesting to hear all the details of the secret filming and what activities were trying to be hidden.  Making a movie for public release without Disney's permission would be a problem, and there was one report that the film crew was somehow getting multiple people into the parks on one ticket. We'll have to see if the movie itself is worth watching, but the story of its production might be just as interesting.

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