Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This ARC might fly

Back in June 2012, I posted a story about a planned monorail project for the city of Anaheim being shelved due to high cost.  The system would have made it easier for people to get to and from Disneyland and the convention center.

Now, according to this story at, the project seems to be back off the shelf under the name Anaheim Rapid Connection (ARC).
Anaheim Rapid Connection is a fixed-guideway transit system currently in the Alternatives Analysis process that will connect Anaheim area destinations like never before. Starting at ARTIC, this new system will take visitors, high-speed rail riders, employees and area residents to and from the Platinum Triangle, The Anaheim Resort and the Anaheim Convention Center. With ARC it has never been easier for conventioneers to catch a ball game, out-of-towners to get to Disneyland, residents to dine at The Shops at Anaheim GardenWalk, or thousands of area employees to get to and from work – all without having to drive.
Work is currently underway preparing an Alternatives Analysis Report. Alternatives under review include an Enhanced Bus, a Streetcar and an Elevated Fixed-Guideway.

The project has a scheduled completion date of 2018.  Since it is just in the early planning stage, and alternatives are being studied, the exact nature of the new transportation system won't be known for a while.

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