Wednesday, August 21, 2013

MyMagic+ instead of new attractions

This story in the Orlando Sentinel talks about the big difference in approach between Universal and WDW.  Universal is spending about $1.1 Billion on expansion and new attractions, and Disney is spending about the same amount on the MyMagic+ system.
The contrasting investments underscore the enormous bet Disney is placing on what amounts to the most expensive rewiring project in theme-park industry history. Disney has calculated that it can spur profit growth at Disney World — where it now has four theme parks, two water parks and two dozen hotels and time-shares — more by getting visitors to better manage their experiences than by building conventional attractions.
But some Disney fans say they have misgivings about MyMagic+. A few, looking wistfully at the new rides sprouting in Universal's theme parks, are openly hostile to the Disney project, calling it a naked attempt to squeeze more money out of guests by sucking the spontaneity out of their vacations.
Whether this is a strategic mistake on Disney's part remains to be seen.  This might be like some movies where a lot of money is spent on the special effects but the story is boring.  Certainly Disney is hoping that making it easier to spend money at the parks will offset the lack of new attractions.  But, how long will this work?

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