Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Last Night's Premier of Agents of Shield

I don't watch much network TV, to be honest. And I certainly do not watch any TV series. But my one exception is the Agent of Shields on ABC. I watched it last year, and watched with amazing glee at how the storyline intertwined with the Captain America movie that opened in the middle of the series' season.

Last night's premier of Season 2 of Agents of Shield was breathtakingly spectacular! This series is going to absorb me, very much like the Absorbing Man! There are so many parallel storyline here, it could easily give birth to a number of spinoffs! I'm not going to reveal too much of what happened in the first episode in case you are DVR'ing it and will be watching it later.

BTW, anyone else realized that the show pulled a "Sixth Sense" on us with the Fitz and Simmons' relationship? Watch it again, and see if you noticed that no one was interacting with Simmons! Ooops, I just revealed a spoiler!



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Sara said...

I absolutely love this show too! I can't wait to see what this season has in store.