Friday, September 05, 2014

Magic Bands behind the curtain

An interesting perspective on  Disney's Magic Bands can be found by following this link to PDC Solutions, a company that makes all kinds of RFID wrist bands.  One of the links on the site talks about security with the bands. It's not hard to understand why Disney would want to use this technology.
Simultaneously improve operational efficiencies and prevent data entry & collection errors with PDC bar code wristbands. Bar codes on event security wristbands give you the opportunity to track the number of people who attend an event and where they spend their money. Do you have inventory that you need to keep track of, like food and alcohol? Event security wristbands are great to assist with this task. When a transaction is made, the bar code on the guest's event security wristband is scanned, along with the items purchased. The numbers go directly into your system, which prevents data entry errors.
The RFID wrist band technology is apparently getting wider use.  There are even QR Code wrist bands which the site talks about.  While the bands themselves are dirt cheap, many in the 10-25 cents each range, using them obviously requires technology that can interface the bands to a company's internal systems. It will be interesting to see if another highly visible user of the bands appears soon. While Disney's Magic Bands are a new thing to Disney guests, checking out PDC Solutions is like pulling back the curtain and seeing what's behind the "magic".

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