Thursday, July 15, 2010

Do You Plan Anymore?

If you are a long-time Disney theme park fan, and you visit a Disney theme park frequently (at least once a year), do you make any plans anymore when you go there?

We are avid WDW fans, and go there at least twice a year (max was 4 times a year in 2008). We don't make plans that much, but we DO make some plan, depending on the type of trip and what we will be doing. On a typical trip where it was just the two of us, other than a few dinner reservations, we make no plans. We tend to just go with the flow and do the theme parks and attractions when we feel like it. If such-and-such has very long lines, we skip it because, chances are, it is an attraction we've done so many times before. There is any need or any rush to have to do certain attractions (unless, of course, it is new).

But at other times, especially when we travel with a large group of people, we do make plans to do certain things. For the Dec. 2009 trip, it was a full trip, with something to do almost every single day. It was either dinner somewhere, or that we booked a tour or the Wishes Dessert reception, etc. So in that case, we had to properly organized and plan things out, or else we'll forget and get confused on what we're supposed to do on a given day. In fact, I remember making a Google Calendar for that trip just so the whole group involved can check what we were supposed to be doing at a given day and time.

However, on most trips, the planning is minimal. On our upcoming trip late August, the only major event we have planned is attending the annual Pin Celebration event at Epcot, which will occupy us for at least 3 full days. Other than that, nothing else has been planned ..... so far! We may try to sneak in a dinner reservation some place, but with the free dining plan being given to Magic Your Way guest during that time, getting into the restaurants we want may be a challenge. We shall see.


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