Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lee Unkrich Talks About "Toy Story 3"

An insightful interview with Lee Unkrich, the director of "Toy Story 3", on the making of the movie.

A delay of several years, courtesy of a corporate wrangle between Disney and Pixar before the latter was formally acquired by the studio in 2006, meant that Toy Story 3 underwent a radical change in conception by the time production started.

“It was a blessing in disguise,” says Unrich, “because it gave us a distancing from the characters and allowed us to come up with this notion of Andy being grown up.”

But what was more informative was the question on whether there could be more "Toy Story" movies in the future.

The phenomenal success of Toy Story 3, certain to be the year’s biggest hit, begs the question of another sequel. Are Woody and Buzz’s adventures really over? The short answer is no as the pair, reveals Unkrich, will star in a short film to precede Cars 2 next summer.

On the matter of another full-length feature he is more circumspect. “We don’t have any plans for a fourth and I personally tried hard to end the story in a really nice way. That being said, we know the world loves Woody and Buzz and we don’t want to see them go away.”

I would definitely see "Toy Story 4", because I know that they will do their damnedest to make a great movie. And that's all, really, that one can ask for.


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