Friday, July 23, 2010

Why Do You Love Disney Theme Parks?

The blog entry on "Are You A Disney Hater?" made me think about why I love Disney theme parks in particular. Most of the "disney hater" gave rather generic reasons. They don't like crowds, heat, standing in line, etc.. etc... in which these are NOT specific to Disney theme parks. These people just hate crowds, heat, standing in line, etc. They would hate going to concerts, any amusement park, festivals, etc. These are not Disney-specific.

So that led me to think, why do I, and many of us Disney fans, like Disney theme park IN PARTICULAR? What specific characteristics of Disney theme parks that make them unique and thus, something we truly like?

This is easy for me. #1 on my list is the amazing details and attention to detail that I keep finding each time I visit WDW. I love finding things that many people either overlook, or do not realize. I always smile when we walk in the 'sewer' at Liberty Square. I am amazed that the silhouette of the prayer alter matches the silhouette of Expedition Everest mountain across the water. I swallow up all the stories behind various queue lines and setups all over the parks. These are not something that other theme parks even THINK about, much less, implement. This is such a small thing, but for me, it adds to the park experience.

Second on my list is the involvement of the cast members. Some of my most memorable moments are the interactions with cast members, either costumed or not. Now granted that not all the cast members give such high quality experience, but when it happens, it is MAGIC! Cast members do create the magic, and this comes directly from their training and awareness of the Disney legacy. It is why when there were reports and rumors that such training may have been shortened and reduced, one wonders if the quality of service could be compromised.

Third is the attraction. Unlike amusement parks, these are NOT just "rides". They have stories and context, which enhanced the whole experience. How many times do you see people riding Tower of Terror for the first time already IN TERROR by the time they get to the queue line at the elevator? It's a classic!

These are just a sampling of some of the reasons why I love Disney theme parks. These are unique reasons specific to Disney theme parks that one does not find anywhere else. Unlike people who hate Disney theme parks for generic reasons that have nothing to do with Disney in particular, my reasons for loving the theme parks are not generic, and they apply only to Disney theme parks and nowhere else that I know of.


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disney enthusiasts said...

I agree completely. We just spent 6 weeks at "the world". Our family never tires of WDW. It's amazing that we were in one of the parks every day, yet there were details in attractions that we had never noticed before. There is nothing like the magic of Disney.