Thursday, March 08, 2012

Disney To Enforce Fast Pass Return Time

Disney has announced that they will start enforcing the FastPass return times at its attractions in WDW and Disneyland. Before this, they were lenient in letting guests onto rides any time AFTER the FastPass time. Now, no more.
Introduced in 1999 as a way to minimize wait times at popular attractions, Disney's free FastPass reservation system has proven to be a savvy park-goer's salvation. Though FastPass tickets for Walt Disney World and Disneyland have always specified a return time within a one-hour window, many visitors realized they could come back any time after that window and still be admitted to the FastPass line with little or no wait.

 But as of this week, Disney watchers say, that wiggle room is evaporating.
It doesn't affect me, since we always return during the designated 1-hour window. But hopefully, this new policy might also reduce the wait times on various attractions. Often, the standby time gets slowed down to allow for the FastPass lines to move. Now, with people being spread out over each of the designated time slot for FastPass returns, we won't see too many coming in over a particular time period than others. But we shall see if this will really make a difference.


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