Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fans Calling For "John Carter" Sequel

Some already calling it a flop. But with a huge overseas opening of "John Carter", is it really a flop? It has yet to open in Japan and China, two of the biggest markets around.

Still, the fans of this movie is not taking it lying down. There's already a facebook page (isn't there usually one for everything under the sun?) calling on Disney to continue with the John Carter series, including the writer of this article on Forbes.

Fans of the new John Carter film take heart — there is a new Facebook group calling on Disney to have faith in the franchise and move forward with a sequel. The group is spreading their message on Twitter, encouraging fans of the film to retweet the message and to join the Facebook group.

As a fan of the film myself, I’ve of course spread the message on Twitter and just joined the Facebook group supporting the film and calling for a sequel. The Facebook page is called Take me back to Barsoom! I want ‘John Carter’ to have a sequel!
I have no problem with that. In my review of "John Carter", I said that I didn't think this was a great movie, but it certainly is an entertaining popcorn movie. Having not read the books, I would be curious to see how he does on Mars after leaving earth. So, it will be just like going to the 2nd and 3rd and 4th Pirates movie. The "John Carter" movie did not have the unexpected delight as the first Pirates movie, but I see it being on par in quality of entertainment as the Pirates sequel. I mean, let's face it. All the Pirates sequels weren't as good as the first, but they were still a heck of a fun time!


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