Saturday, September 22, 2012

Moroccan Pavilion and ToT Together

I've always wanted to capture this shot from this angle, but somehow didn't get to do it till our most recent trip last week.

You already saw a picture of something that belongs somewhere else (the balloon at Downtown Disney being seen from World Showcase). Here's another one. If you look at this photo carefully, you can see not only the Moroccan pavilion in the foreground, but also the Hollywood Tower of Terror at DHS in the background!

What is fascinating is that many people who look at this view from this angle would probably NOT notice this at all. The Imagineers certainly knew about this, and to make the ToT as least conspicuous as possible, they did two things. The first is the color. The ToT color mimics that of the Moroccan pavilion. So the two just blend with one another. The other is the architecture of the top of ToT. You'll notice that, even though ToT is supposed to have the Hollywood 30's Glam style, the top of the building blends easily with the Moorish architecture of the Moroccan tower.

There are tons of details like this all over WDW, and it is what makes it a fascinating place. There are always small details such as this to discover on each visit.


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