Monday, September 03, 2012

Segway ban upheld

A federal appeals court upheld Disney's ban on unrestricted use of Segways, according to this story on DIS News.  The case stemmed from a lawsuit filed by a woman who had a condition making it difficult to sit for a length of time, and she pressed Disney to be able to use a Segway.  Disney refused and the case went to the courts.
The terms of the settlement permit both Disney theme parks to continue the blanket ban on unrestricted Segway use. Disney will also be able to require guests wanting to use standing mobility aids to rent the electrically powered vehicle developed by Disney (for the same fee it charges for an electronic convenience vehicle (EVC)). Disney has also promised "to use its discretion about waiving the rental fee in particular circumstances (such as when qualified guests bring their own Segway)."
The case and its ramifications are a bit complicated, but the Appeals Court ruled that the ban did not violate the provisions of the ADA.  Even in the above quote, questions arise about who is a "qualified" guest, and is bringing their own Segway any safer.

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