Friday, September 28, 2012

WDW political contributions

The Orlando Sentinel has this story about Disney  spending big bucks on political campaigns in Florida .
Disney's political spending in Florida has ballooned to unprecedented levels: It has spent nearly twice as much money as it had at this same point during the 2010 elections, and it has spent about six times as much as it did during the entire 2008 cycle.

Nearly 90 cents of every dollar that Disney has spent on Florida campaigns in this election has gone to Republican candidates or Republican-leaning interest groups, according to the Sentinel's analysis. Republicans control the Governor's Office and Florida Legislature.
 Among issues that WDW wants to influence is gambling casinos...
 "Disney is betting the farm on trying to block the expansion of gambling in Florida," said Lee, a former state Senate president making a return to Florida politics. "They're laying down their marker … to make sure they populate the Legislature with anti-gambling legislators."

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