Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tom in "Toy Hunter"

Just finished watching an episode of "Toy Hunter" on the Travel Channel this afternoon. In one segment, the host Jordan Hembrough went to Dayton, OH to visit a "Tom", also known as "Yoda". We both went "Tom"? A toy collector? In Dayton, OH? What are the odds?

And sure enough, it was Tom Tombush, whom we know! We did get to see a bit of his Disney collection in the glass display cases, and got to see a bit of his "warehouse". Holy cow! Of course, the host of the show wasn't interested in any Disney pins, so we didn't see any of those.

It was a fun episode, since he was collecting for stuff to bring to a ComicCon in NY City. Yowzah! Didn't think people would pay that much money for a toy.


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