Friday, September 13, 2013

Donald's Great Adventure - Around The 13 Reflections of Evil Event

When I wasn't swamped by my adoring fans, I got to walk around and see various things they have. It is nice that have a small fireplace (in Florida in the middle of September, no less) with a nice fire going. But I think I sat to close to it. It singed my feathers just a little bit.

Ah, sitting on the mantle was so much better. Oh, hi Gaston.

Strange thing, this is. It looks like a part from a prehistoric animal.

I'm rich! I'm rich! I fell into a barrel full of gold coins. I'm rich! Now I don't have to fly economy on the way back.

I was looking for a clock, and no one could tell me the time. But this croc here was ticking. I looked around for a clock, but still couldn't find it.

They gave us this as our parting gifts. It's fine. They didn't know I took some of the gold coins.


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