Friday, September 13, 2013

Donald's Great Adventure - At 13 Reflections of Evil Trading Event

I am surrounded by Evil! Plenty of Evil and Villains around at this event. They tried to capture me, and seduce me to the dark side of the force, but my fluffy feathers are my shield that they cannot penetrate! I am a strong duck!

But these creatures of evil aren't so bad, because they are fans of mine as well! Yes sir, even scary and evil villains can't help but find me lovable! They are clamoring to get a photo with a famous Disney icon such as me!

Oooh, now this one is scary! But don't you worry. Your brave Donald Duck is here to protect you from this evil creature!

It was exhausting meeting all my fans, both good and evil. So I decided to take a breather, rest my wings and feet, and sit for a while on this very nice chair. Someone who looked like a very nice little old lady walked by and left a very juicy red apple for me. I was about to take a bite when everyone around me kept yelling not to eat it. I wonder why?!

Maybe I'll have some ice cream instead. I hear that they have one here in the shape of a famous head. I'll take a bite out of that one!


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